Chuck Bass is a major driving force in the hair industry. He accommodates an expanded clientele which includes New York City, Chicago, and Boston. He also travels internationally, and throughout the United States, teaching his highly developed highlighting and cutting techniques. Chuck Bass transforms his clients' looks by creating a style that is tailored to meet each and every hair need. He's known for his trend-setting vision and his extraordinary attention to detail with every haircut, highlight and style.


Chuck Bass


Best of Boston

Chuck Bass awarded Best of Boston 2016!


“We came to Bass with a three-month-old haircut on the fritz.  His diagnosis?  Too heavy, especially around the shoulders.  Within 60 seconds the stylist had devised a surgical plan:  longer in the front, with flattering layers in the back.  And then he swiftly went to work, using both wet and try cutting techniques to sculpt our mane as if it were a statue made of clay.  He optimized the look with gorgeous customized highlights.  The result:  a cut with body, style, and plenty of personality.  Bonus:  Bass sees clients as early as 6 a.m., so you don’t have to wreck your work day (or fight Newbury Street traffic).”
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“Chuck Bass is awesome.  He’s like the hair wizard on Newbury Street.”

- Boston magazine,
   Best of Boston



A CUT ABOVE: The lights are
on at 6 a.m. in the Newbury Street salon, above, as Chuck Bass highlights a client.
Chuck Bass can be found highlighting and snipping his client's tresses at 6 a.m. inside the Newbury Street salon in Boston.
Bass, after traveling the world as a hair stylist and educator, brings with him a schedule appealing to corporate types, busy moms and even the client that hates to pay for parking on Newbury Street.

Among the first into Bass' chair is Kelley Tuthill. The award winning WCVB Channel 5 reporter and mother of three said she loves being able to 'check one thing off' her to do list before most of her family is even awake.

'I have no time.' she said, 'Every six weeks to start the day like this is a real treat.'

The Best Haircut and Highlights in Town

Ladies, spare Chuck Bass the Gossip Girl jokes, and he'll make you look like a proper Upper West Sider.
orld renowned visionary hair stylist Chuck Bass prepares for an evening of fashion and glamour at the fashion show."

-Section B, Page 1

"World renowned visionary hair stylist, Chuck Bass, prepares for an evening of fashion and glamour at the fashion show."

-Section B, Page 1